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Change in Price on Pre-Order items or Out of Stock items

Pre-Order items are those that are not available for sale now but will be purchaed from our suppliers at next round. These can be found all throughout our site and are denoted by an orange "Pre-Order" status, rather than a green "In Stock" status.

Invariably, due to a number of factors, especially our suppliers price changes, the price of a Pre-Order item may be changed. These price changes can go both ways, the item may become more expensive, or a price drop may result.

How do we deal with these price changes on Pre-Order items here at SuperStore?

- If the price increases too much on purchase day (more than our service fee), we will inform you of the updated price. Otherwise, we will still honour the price at the time you made your purchase (Paid order only).
- If the price decreases on purchase day, we will give that price difference back to you.

Why has my payment been unsuccessful?

Things to check in case your payment has not been successful:
- Did you enter your credit card information and billing details correctly?
- Did you enter the right card type, card number, issue number, expiration date, and CVV security code (the three-digit number on the back of your card)?
- Does the billing address you entered exactly match the billing address information you have on file for the credit card that you entered?
- Do you have sufficient funds available on your credit card?
- Is your credit card enrolled for online purchases?
- Does your credit card have a defined limit for online purchases?
- Did you check the box indicating you are the credit card holder or authorized to use the credit card?

Can I change my billing/delivery address?

You may edit and update your billing and shipping details by going to Your Account page within the Online Store. If you update your delivery address then any future items you order will be sent there. Please note that your billing/delivery address cannot be changed for orders that are being processed. These items will be sent to the address on file at the point when your order was placed.

What is the turnaround time for delivery?

Fast! Once your order is approved, in most locations around New Zealand, your order is delivered as little as 5 working days. (Timeframe.pdf)

How do I contact your sales office?

SuperStore NZ Office
Tele: +64 (028) 8516 4554
By email: (Your email will be replied by SuperStore specialists in 2 working hours)

For more specific inquiries, please Contact Us.